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The US Navy PBR-7210 Restoration Page

General PBR History   PBR7210 History
  In early 1962 the Research Analysis Corporation (RAND) completed a study on the  growing North Vietnam Army Viet Cong activities in the waterways of South  Vietnam. Read this article on the real history of the PBR presented by Bellingham historian and author: Todd Warger printed in the June 2014 issue of The Sea Chest, the Journal of the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society. The hull number tells us the creation date of the boat. It is 31RP7210. That indicates it was 31 feet long and the 10th boat built in 1972. It was sold to the Navy and put into operation at Special Boat Unit XI at Mare Island, CA. Over the course of time the hull was getting water logged and weakened from so much training  use.   MORE HERE
Special Boat Unit - 11   How did this project get started?
Special Boat Unit ELEVEN, located at Mare Island, California was established on 1 October 1978, and was charged with maintaining the Navy's and U.S. Special Operations Command's expertise in riverine warfare especially the PBRs.       MORE HERE I was ready for a PBR project and purchased the PBR722. Unfortunately it sat at the Port of Everett (Wa) holding yard for a year while I was having a knee and shoulder replaced.  BIM had decided to move out of the . . . . .  MORE HERE