MK1 PBR-6665 for Sale
Finally I got some photos of the old MK1 PBR-6665 or 31RP6665. As the serial number indicates it was manufactured in 1966 and is a proven Vietnam veteran. This hull and pumps are owned by Mr. Mike Granat from Bellingham, WA. He was the founder of the Bellingham International Maritime Museum, which is now basically a website and a group of people that are interested in locating and preserving some sunken ships and anchors in Pacific NW Washington waters. Mike has decided to sell this vessel to raise funds for the acquisition of a ROV to assist in their underwater searches. As a volunteer I have agreed to get it sold since I have taken over their other PBR hulls and all spare parts.

The boat was purchased from a guy near Mare Island, Vallejo, CA where the boats were operated for training before and after the Vietnam War. She is one of the few MK1 craft left in the US as most were left behind in Vietnam. She got pretty shot up during her time and battered in a typhoon. There are 3 guys in the US that served aboard her in Vietnam. Because of all of her hard times there she became called the ?Ugly Duckling.?


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One mystery that exists is how did she get out of Vietnam and not left behind. It is presumed that she made it on an LST for another set of repairs when the war was over and ended up at Subic Bay. There is a photo of her on harbor patrol in Subic after the war.
Mike also had an interest in PACVs, the air cushion vehicles in Vietnam and acquired one. Soon it was determined that his PACV had in fact operated with PBR-6665 in the Perfume River in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive. Now it was necessary to get it to be restored with the PACV. The restoration was never started as other more complete PBRs became available, so it just set in the museum as an unfinished project.
Stern view
? aft view. Note the triple axle trailer that is also available. 
Bow view.
View through the pump intake hole in the transom.
Looking down over the transom.
Jacuzzi 14YJ pumps. Left is the pump drive flange that will be connected to the engine flywheel with a double u-joint shaft.  The other parts that are needed are outlined below.
Another pump view showing the pump bowl and output mount flange on the front. See pump details at the bottom of the page.
Unfortunately most of the coxswain flat doesn?t exist. The ballistic steel protection sheets are not included, but are usually recreated out of aluminum. Much of the ?house? will have to be recreated. The Dash panel fiberglass does exist. The dash is mostly composed of automotive style gauges. Throttle and shift controls are typical and often found on Ebay.
Another view of the coxswain deck.
The above deck side panels generally outline the shape of the missing ?house? structure. Fortunately they are there for design.
The missing foredeck and bulkhead will need replaced.

The items highlighted in yellow will be provided. The purple items will have to be sourced elsewhere to complete the pump installation and operation.

The engines needed for this are Detroit Diesel 6V-53s. Two right hand turning engines are required.